Respecting the awesome power of words!

Soul Gardening



  I remember when these two
questions showed up.

  I was having a conversation
  with someone who was
  constantly hyper-focused
    on everything in the world
    that was perceived
    to be broken and deficient,
    denigrating others, first,
  and then spilling over
  onto self.
Here’s what I asked:

    How do you treat yourself
    when you believe
    you've screwed up?
    How do the people
  who love you treat you
  when they believe
you've screwed up?

  The reason I was asking:
  My life’s pursuit for meaning
  has convinced me
  that Grace's roots
    are nurtured at home;
    and if no one
    plants the seed,
    it’s like a bag
  of forgotten dreams
  stored in a musty warehouse,
  ticking time away
  with a chronic obstructive
pathological disorder.

  With little chance
  of finding tilled soil,
  sunlight, and water,
    there’s not much else
    to do but run
    ragged fingers along
    the outside of the sack,
    tracing the faded image
  of a flower whose desire
  is daily smothered
  by affirmationless accusations;
  nowhere left to reach
  but down into the abyss
of self-flagelation.

  Every morning, I try
    to fill the pockets
    of my heart
  with a tiny plow,
  a bright sky,
  along with some
thick, dark rain clouds. 

  Throughout the day,
  when I’m paying attention
    to the people in my orbit —
    which is never often enough —
  Grace whispers in my ear,
  encouraging me
  to tend our garden
  with what I have
and who I am.

  Looking back, I know
  my furrowing questions,
  the flicker of my candle,
  and the tiny droplets
  of my shared tears
    aren’t much, but,
    like each drop
    of the ocean,
    I add them
  to the cosmos anyway,
  confident that Hope’s shoot
  will one day break ground,
  Mercy’s blossom
  somehow will unfold,
  and Love’s fruit
will eventually ripen.

© 2019 Todd Jenkins

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  1. Amen.

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    February 14, 2019 at 6:43 am

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