Respecting the awesome power of words!


Deb KrugerPhoto by Deb Kruger


In some ways, it's an off-the-grid path
  showing up where the trust highway
fades into the night.

You move forward,
  feeling your way through the woods,
  because standing still or going back
are unacceptable options;

hoping against hope
  there's somewhere worth going,
    someone worth finding,
  or someone who's already found you;
hoping you'll eventually get there.

All the while, the wind whispers
  through the trees,
    as you strain your ears,
  begging to hear your name,
or a plausible facsimile thereof.

Sometimes you're desperate enough
  to change your name
    to whatever sounds
  the waving branches make,
with their dysrhythmic clack-clacking.

Other times, you pick up your name,
  clear as a bell,
    just like the last time a loved one
      stood on a moonlit porch
    and gathered you in
  by casting your multisyllabic pattern
into the wind.

Somewhere beyond this forest
  lies a place and time
    you've only visited in your heart;
      a place that must be home,
    because nothing else
  could hold you under a spell
of such mystery and magnetism.

This – all of this –
  and then some more
  that you'll figure out along the way,
is what we call faith.

© 2017 Todd Jenkins



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