Respecting the awesome power of words!



     Gone are the days
    when the sanctuary and
   classrooms under the steeple
  are the only venues open
 for the meeting
of the Sunday Civic Club.

       If the church is going
      to survive, we'll have
     to get serious about
    practicing our faith
   and cultivating a life
  of spiritual depth
and awareness.

      The struggle lies
     in the reality that many
    other weekend options 
   are capable of meeting
  the cursory expectations
 for which we've allowed
ourselves to settle.

   Some believe earthquakes
  can be a sign
 that God is at work.
“What’s shaking, folks?”

   That’s how God moves us
  toward new things.
 Why? Maybe it’s because
we are prone to digging in.

   As the earth shakes,
  we are being swallowed.
 Can we be raised
from the empty tomb?

 Will we?

© 2017 Todd Jenkins


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