Respecting the awesome power of words!



When Hope's balloon
  is being deflated
    on purpose, by those
    who can't or won't dare
  to dream, but only traffic
in nightmares of fear,

and the long ribbon that
  allowed it to stretch heavenward
    enough for all the world
    to see has begun to resemble
  a motionless, coiled
snake upon the ground,

it is up to Don Quixotes
  in our midst to inhale
    the escaping helium,
      at risk of life itself,
      and laugh – no, cackle –
    in the face of sneer-mongers,
  drawing our desperate selves
toward the candle of our courage,

as we sit 'round the flickering flame,
  watching it push back the night,
    while tales of quiet inspiration
    waft skyward like wisps
  of smoke, each one another sign
of our collective indomitability.

We shall rise.
  Yes, we shall rise,
  because the carbonized embers
of our lives can do no other.

© 2017 Todd Jenkins

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