Respecting the awesome power of words!

Out of the Depths

img_8045                       Photo and cultivation by Jennie Roberts Jenkins
She spent weeks
in the basement;
that place of chilly darkness,
where the unsightly pipes,
wires, and vents cleave
to the floor joists
like a sacred labyrinth,
serving as conduits
for civilization's amenities,
if not life itself;

that lonely place
to which nightmares,
misbehaving children,
and pathological adults
are banished in tales of terror. 

There, in the hidden cavern
of the psalmist, (139:15a)
"... intricately woven 
in the depths of the earth." 
without benefit of photosynthesis,
she has turned
moisture and humus
into indescribable beauty.

No wonder her name
is "Christmas Cactus",
for she conjures
life from shadows,
and materializes
hope from fear.

"For unto us 
a child is born..."

© 2016 Todd Jenkins



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