Respecting the awesome power of words!

Prodigal Hope

                Photo by Jarred Hammet


No matter how long
we ignore, deny, or hide
our true selves from others
and even from our own egos,
we don't disappear,

and there's no expiration date
after which we become
sour or unusable.

But when we live hard and fast
in denial, searching for self,
worth, and acceptance
in all the external places
for so many years,

there arises a great sadness
for lost time with our true selves;
a sorrow that can only be overcome
by a recognition and acceptance

of the unconditional love and grace
of the One who waits on the porch
day after day, straining to see and
hear us walking back toward home,
muscles twitching to race
down the road toward us.

This is deepest prodigal hope.
There's nothing greater,
but there's also nothing scarier. 

© 2016 Todd Jenkins

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