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Order will neither be created
nor maintained by use
of threat, force, or violence.
It arrives, instead,
as the culmination
of conversation,
and relationship.

© 2016 Todd Jenkins



I’ve decided who you are,
for what you stand,
even what you’re worth.

Oh, we’ve never met;
I don’t know much about you;
never asked you anything.

But I’ve categorized, classified,
stuffed you in a pigeon-hole,
with what I fear and don’t know.

Potential for our relationship
never had a chance;
end came before beginning.

I’ll never know what I missed,
but I am safe, secure;
little else matters.

I watch you through
protective window of my world;
sometimes wondering, mostly fearing.

One day all of this will be gone;
then I’ll go to be with Jesus.

I’ll tell him about you,
reminding him I prayed for you,
pitied you, kept my distance.
Surely he’ll understand.


© 2016 Todd Jenkins